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Heights of Aripo

> Aripo


St. Jude

Feast day: 28th October

Patron Saint: St Jude Thaddeus 

Address: Heights of Aripo Village, via Arima

Phone: 231-1819

Weekend Liturgy:

Sunday: 10:00 a.m.

The Roman Catholic community had its early beginnings at the Martinez’ residence, where Masses were held regularly. The Valentine family later donated lands to the Church, upon which a wooden Catholic primary school was erected. On Sundays, the primary school served as a chapel for the entire community, which was solely Roman Catholic. First Communion and Confirmation classes were conducted there. In fact, the last Confirmation celebrated by the late Archbishop Anthony Pantin before his death, was at the Aripo community.


In the early 2000’s, a modern primary school was erected on the original lands donated by the Valentine family. In this new school building, a room was reserved for a permanent Chapel space which is in use today. It is important to note that Mrs. Julia “Granny Jules” Valentine, who, in July, 2019, celebrated 100 years of life, comes from the Valentine family who donated the lands to the Church. “Granny Jules” is still the eldest living member of the Aripo community.

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