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Pinto Road

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Our Lady of the

Feast day: 7th October

Address: #6 Pinto Road,


Phone: 241-2715

Weekend Liturgy:

Sunday: 10:30 a.m.

The Chapel at Pinto Road began in the mid-1980s. Sundarie Tickarisingh, after attending a Word of Life Ministry, journeyed on pilgrimage to Jamaica. One day after losing money, she vowed she would never smoke again. Later she was baptized and given the name Mary. At that time, Sunday Masses were held in the Pinto Road Community Centre, which was not ideal for worship. Sundarie decided to accommodate the celebration of Mass at her home. However, her home was too small and she promised the front of her property to erect a Chapel. Funds were raised and labour volunteered for its construction. The name, Our Lady of The Holy Rosary, was given to the Chapel since the newly converted Mary complained that persons were referring to the Chapel as ‘Mary Church’.

The Chapel was later expanded with the addition of a Sanctuary and a replica of Our Lady of The Holy Rosary erected at the entrance. A Sacristy and air conditioning were later installed. Our Lady of The Holy Rosary Chapel facilitates Formation Classes: Baptism, First Communion and Pre-Confirmation classes, Prayer/Rosary Meetings, Cluster Workshops and Retreats, as well as joining with Santa Rosa Heights Community for the re-enactment of The Stations of The Cross, each Good Friday.

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