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Our Lady of Guadalupe

Feast day: 12th December

Patron Saint: Our Lady of  Guadalupe

Address: Rehab Centre,

Tumpuna Road,


Phone: 241-2715

Weekend Liturgy:

Saturday: 6:00 p.m.

The origins of the Catholic Community at Tumpuna Road date back to the 1960’s. Its early history was entwined with the Holy Ghost Missionary College which was formally opened in 1965. The Holy Ghost Fathers invited families living nearby to celebrate Holy Mass with them on Sunday mornings in their Chapel. This fostered the formation and growth of the Faith Community.

With the closure of the Seminary, the building was used as a Teachers’ Training College and then the Arima Rehabilitation Centre from the late 1970’s to present. Amid all these changes however, the faith community endured and grew. On December 12th 2003, the Chapel was dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Chapel hosts the community’s main events and celebrations including council meetings, Legion of Mary and catechetical celebrations. Our Feast Day celebration always includes the re-telling of those days in 1531, when the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego. The community is served by a locally elected community council, first started in 1980.   

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