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Reopening of Homework Centre

The Santa Rosa Parish C.A.R.E. Ministry is planning to re-open its homework centre for Standards 1 to 3 primary school pupils starting in January 2023.

Parents who wish to enroll their child/children can collect the Homework Centre package from the Santa Rosa Bookshop. 

Retired teachers who wish to volunteer as coordinators, administrators or supervisors, please contact the Santa Rosa Parish office.

Palms for Ash Wednesday - Santa Rosa

We are asking all persons who may have their blessed palms from last year Easter, 2022, and will like to bring them in to burn for askes, please bring them in by Friday 17th 2023.

A bin will be provide at the Catholic News area where the palms can be placed. 

Please note that Ash Wednesday is on 22nd February.

Marshals for Holy Week & other events

The Santa Rosa parish is seeking able-bodied parishioners to serve as marshals for Way of the Cross, Easter Triduum and other events that require assistance. 

Interested parishioners, who wish to serve on this team can come to the Santa Rosa parish office and leave their information. 

Sunday Cricket Practice

Malabar Men’s Ministry invites all youth and young at heart to attend cricket practice every Sunday from 3:00 p.m. at the Malabar RC church car park.

Santa Rosa Legal Advice Services

The Legal Team of the Santa Rosa Legal Advice Service is extending an invitation to Attorneys at Law in the Parish to volunteer their services to be part of a cadre of professionals available to parishioners and burgesses who do not have ready access to Attorneys.


The service which has been operating for the last fifteen (15) years is primarily an advisory one, although wills are prepared in certain cases.

Interested Attorneys are asked to contact the Santa Rosa Parish office and leave your names and contact numbers.

Want to be a lector?

Lectors are needed for our weekend Masses.


If you would like to proclaim God's Word at any of our masses at Santa Rosa, Arima, please contact the Santa Rosa R.C Parish office at 667 3658 or 231-1819 for further information.


There will be a ministry meeting at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Malabar for persons interested in joining the lectors ministry at Malabar. 

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